Box Works.

I have explored totemic images and found-object art spurred by a fascination with magic and symbol, with sacred ritual and with "primitive" art.  Most of these pieces are small, made of things that I have collected, drawn by some resonance for form or color or reference to another identity.  They  also utilize objects I have fashioned or manipulated. The act of collecting, whatever the reason, becomes its own ritual and I may live with objects  for many years until they find their way into a sculpture. 

The Box form, like the medieval reliquary,  honors,  sequesters, elevates the ordinary. For most of these Box Works there is a quality of being sacred, remote, antiquated or exotic.  In sheltering  objects within the containing form they become more mysterious and precious. In implying a resonance between juxtaposed objects they become transformed. 

There is a narrative for my own interpretation as I work through making them but I recognize each viewer will find their own meaning in them.